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    Welcome to NowVictory LLC!      

This publishing company was created to help you realize the grace you have to win victoriously throughout your life and if our books, products, services, and/or prayers help encourage you in any way, then we've done our job.  A new day represents positive change and victory.  When you realize you're ready to conquer a situation, overcome an issue or bad habit, start a new chapter in your life, or are simply at a crossroads and have to make right decisions, you come to a realization.  Each day is a new opportunity for victory.  Hey! It's going to be, not only a great day, but a New Day filled with victory!!!

Welcome to our Website!

Publishing Page

Featuring  all books written by T. Fields designed to help you go after that victory we are all   destined to have.   One day in the future I will consider publishing books from others.  THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING MODIFIED

Books and Products

Sometimes simply reading just the right book can make such a huge and positive impact in your life.  It might give you the solution to whatever you are facing or will face.  Try one and tell a friend.  It's time for victorious living.  Purchase  books created by T. Fields on the  "ONLINE STORE" page. More Books and Products coming soon, so keep checking the Online Store. Enjoy!

Business Prayer Line

We pray for those starting a new business and those who currently have a business.  Any decisions your business is facing might be something you need prayer for.  We will not pray anything other than God's word and it will be private. Just submit your prayer request by clicking the "CONTACT" button.  Remember, a prayer is being made for you so stay positive and thankful!

A NowVictory Contest! 1

In the world that we live in today, how important is the word of God to you. Choose 3 benefits that come from knowing the word of God as it relates to the book -"  Grace to Love-It's a New Day!" Give one example of how you apply it in your life.

 For more information, go to the "CONTEST"page.

A NowVictory Contest! 2

How does the issues of racism and inequality today relate to chapter four (the spirit of strife) in the book -"Grace to love: It's a New Day!"

 For more information, go to the "CONTEST "page.

A NowVictory Contest! 3

Name five tactics that the devil uses to take you off the right track and destroy your relationship with God? It must be obtained from the book, "Grace to Love: It's a New  Day!" by T. Fields. State how each tactic has affected you or might affect you? What do you do to avoid giving into his tactics?

A Selah Moment Blog

Come join in on the fun! This is a free blog designed just to encourage you to think about what would you do if.........! Check it out, it might change your life or some area of it.
It Is Well!!!​

Check out our Blog called "A Selah Moment"

No matter what happened yesterday, today,

It's a New Day!!!

Now, about that victory you mentioned.............​​