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My Blog - "A Selah Moment"

Will Resume 2023

An ongoing series of questions or statements that challenges your true motives. New entries are done on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays by 12pm . Any late entries are due to technical difficulties. Thank you for your patience.

First Blog Entry

Hello Everyone! We celebrate two great things in February 2019 - Black History Month and Valentine's Day.  Here at NowVictory, we've created "Love Thy Neighbor" month. Join us and tune in for "A Selah Moment"! Selah means to calmly pause and think about that; it could be about anything. Brief comments can be made in the "Contact" section of this website.

 Second Blog Entry

Who is the person that pops up in your head when you think about love as it explains here?- Love is kind and caring. Love is self-less. Would you consider doing something nice for that person this month?  It's time to sow a love seed.

Third Blog Entry

You ever been tempted to use profanic words? These days I've been tempted more than usual. Has your patience ever been on "E" (at a low-point)? You know you shouldn't say it and you think to yourself that if you could just get that one curse word out, all will be well, you'll feel a sign of relief.  Well, this doesn't work.  All it does is get you more aggravated and into strife, offense, insults, arguments, and fights. So then what's the point of using these words? Selah

Fourth Blog Entry

Have you ever been disgusted? I was sitting at the computer in the library minding my own business, just me and the Holy Spirit when the person next to me just out of nowhere started to pick his nose to no end and I stress no end.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this went on for a good hour. I don't know what that person had hoped to find by doing this but my feelings of disgust started to overwhelm me. My flesh buttons were going off like an alarm. I wanted to respond so bad to this behavior. All I wanted to do was type peacefully on the computer, instead distraction came to me in an awkward manner. I almost lost it because the person wouldn't stop. I couldn't wait to tell you about it. I think I passed the test though and held my peace and was not rude to the person. Would you have held out this long? P.S.-Hope I didn't disturb your lunch.

 Fifth Blog Entry

On a lighter note, I am having such a time finding something nice for someone.  I am really excited. Did you know that a big part of the love of God is giving? Try it, you will not be dissappointed, even if they seem ungrateful.  Sowing genuine seeds of love has great rewards and its fun! You will feel good inside.  You never know, maybe they've never received a gift before from someone or maybe someone has never done anything nice for them. Selah

Sixth Blog Entry

God is awesome! It's a New Day! Hey, do you know that God loves you and that you are never alone? Well it's true.  God is a good God and he will never steer you wrong.  Remember, even after today, that God desires your personal one on one time, just you and him.  Make time to talk to God privately every day.  Ask God to come into your heart and take over. You won't regret it.  Say, "Hey God, I'd like to know more about who you are and having a relationship with you that I hear so much about.  I'm really curious, what's this all about?" He will begin to show you in many ways. Anyway, enough about you, have you blessed someone in a nice way today? It can be nice and not cost you a penny. Selah

Seventh Blog Entry

You know, some people are glad that Valentine's Day is over. They are glad the pressure is off them to show  some type of affection by means of kindness and giving or sharing or showing you care.  Some think this is wimpy when in fact, it is the one thing everyone needs on this earth the most.  You can't convince me that love , the love that comes from God is not important.  I'm just glad that I know that God loves me very much. What about you? Do you know that God loves you? Selah

 Eighth Blog Entry

Ok, I hope you all got a chance to bless someone this month in a way that brought a smile to their face.  Remember a big part of love is giving and it doesn't have to be monetary.  Those kind gestures are just as good.  Always appreciate the nice comments and kind things  and monetary gifts that come to you.  It's one of the many ways that God shows and reminds you that he loves you. You are the apple of his eye.  Now, going forward, stay tuned and let me leave you with this thought.  Do you just give to the ones you like and/or love? Selah

 Ninth Blog Entry

Do you know that strife is a big enemy of giving? Your flesh does not want you to give.  Strife causes you to give only to the ones you like and/or love. It makes the problem, disagreement, or conflict the deciding factor in your decisions to give.  It allows your grudge to get in the way of your giving to the point where you actually believe you are justified with this attitude.  You might even rehearse it in your thoughtlife: "She's not getting a thing from me until she treats me better" or "If he gives me something, then I'll think about getting him something also.  He's not getting one over on me".  This month give to someone you had a disagreement with. Resolve the issue with a small, considerate gift. I'll give you an example: a coffee gift card, a metrocard, etc.  Give with wisdom. Be sure and pray about this first. Now, how would you want that gift presented to you if they were giving it to you? Selah

 Tenth Blog Entry

Today I bypassed this guy who appears to be homeless without even asking him if he needed anything.  I saw him before and bought him some breakfast.  Something in me did not want to do it today. Was it that I didn't have enough cash in my pocket (which was true), did I just feel like not giving or doing a nice gesture, was my love button off, was my spirit in strife mode, was I in fear that he'll always expect me to buy him something if I see him again or was I too busy discerning what his issue was and why he was in the same spot again today?  Have you ever bypassed a homeless person you once gave to, that was in the same spot the next day needing again? Selah

 Eleventh Blog Entry

I woke up this morning with thoughts of how I could help the same homeless guy I bypassed. Maybe he's not even homeless and just someone who's having a difficult time right now.  An idea came to me and I decided to buy him a dunkin donuts gift card.  This way he could use it at his leisure. I wrote a message on the gift card that said, "God Loves You".  I gave it to him and he put the card down. I hope he reads it and realizes that it is true.  I don't know if this brightened his day or what, I hope that I did.  I'm glad I had another opportunity to give to someone I don't know. Selah

Twelfth Blog Entry

Well, guess who got another opportunity to give? Your right, it's me. I seem to have made the mistake of accusing someone of short-paying me. "What the heck was I thinking?" I mean, I didn't even check the calculations before I jumped to that conclusion.  I usually am more careful in that respect before I blame someone. Do you know something? By not taking the time to check the calculations, I initiated strife. I could have caused someone  to react in strife and put a damper on their good mood. This is no good. Anyway, I apologized with a card and chocolate and prayed for her forgiveness.

Thirteenth Blog Entry

Do you know that you are often baited with strife?  Sometimes words or comments are said.  Sometimes a look or sound such as rolling of the eyes or sucking their teeth or a long and noticeable sigh is used to get you started.  Right away, your mind starts conjuring up some negative comments you think they are thinking about you and you believe the lies you've drummed up in your thoughts to be true and you also start recalling what you overheard in gossip and boom! You've accepted the bait. Whenever this happens, be very careful, the way you respond, the next word you say, has to be one derived from the genuine love of God in you.  You can do it. Sometimes we are caught off guard or our understanding of what is truly taking place doesn't quite kick in yet (before you respond badly), but hang in there.  Don't worry, If you don't pass this challenge, there will be another one planned just for you. Can you remember an instance where you wish you had responded differently? Selah

Fourteenth Blog Entry

Okay, my body temperature feels like it jumped to 110. My food didn't settle good in my stomach.  The person I'm waiting on to help is late with no phone call and....Wait a second, if I don't change my mood and my thoughts quick, this could turn into one ugly strifeful comment when this person arrives.  Guess what? I got my peace together and remained calm and when they finally arrived claiming I said to meet them at a different spot, the grace of God came over me and I reacted kindly as if they never said it. Isn't God good? Has he ever done the same thing for you? You know, you held your tongue without even realizing it. Selah

 Fifteenth Blog Entry

Strife will make you think something is going on (negative) and nothing is going on.  Let me tell you what happened. I responded to a text message.  Then later spoke to the person on the phone and ended up responding to the same message regarding the text.  They didn't mention it until just before we got off the phone to please answer the text messages.  I didn't get it until I looked at the phone and saw that the text message I responded to did not even go through. It never transmitted. That explained what I was sensing.  The person probably thought I was not answering the message out of disconcern and laziness while I thought "I already responded".  You see how easily this could've gotten us in strife with one another.  If we did not communicate with each other and express our feelings, we would have been in strife with each other for simple overlooked things such as this.  With communication, you find out a lot of things that you would  not have thought to be the reason behind all the strife, right? Selah

 Sixteenth Blog Entry

Sometimes strife catches you off guard.  Your mind starts thinking up stuff that was never said or never done because maybe you are so busy worrying about it, not minding your business, or maybe you caught the end of a sentence and overheard something  wrong.  I recognized this twice with me one day and realized I was letting my own wrong thoughts take over.  I had to pull it together and stay in peace with God. It wouldn't please him if I overreact emotionally, with a bad attitude and without warrant. Remember, I was the one that had those wrong thoughts and was repeatedly thinking it, not them.  They probably didn't even know what was going on.  Had I approached them, this could've tempted them to respond badly.  Oh know! It would've been my fault for causing them to be tempted with strife. Selah

Seventeenth Blog Entry

Did you know that when you take time to  think over a situation where you may have reacted emotionally or rashly,  you can uncover a root of strife? Do you know that when you communicate with others more, you can stop strife in its tracks? Take time to calm down and think peacefully about what happened and see what went wrong.  This will help develop you in combatting the spirit of strife. Peace and Love.

Eighteenth Blog Entry

What a month April was for me. Receiving constructive criticism can be a help or hurt depending on how it is addressed or communicated and how it is received. What if you don't agree with what was said or worse, what if it's completely untrue? This could definitely put you in strife mode. I've had more than my share of encounters this month with this and it made me think about how to not get in offense.  It also made me ask God to open my eyes and help me. Am I really like this or did the person make a mistake or was there perception wrong? This things can linger and fester in your heart if you don't talk about it to God.  The enemy loves this time because he tries to suggest thoughts that create insecurities in you. Let God help you through it. There may be something you have to change about you that you wasn't aware of.  It is also possible that they are the ones that need to change in that area. 

 Nineteenth Blog Entry

Wow! I can't believe it is going to be Thanksgiving day in three weeks.  Time is precious such as your days on this earth.  Use them wisely. You haven't a moment to waste.  What have you been wasting your time doing or not doing? and how's that working out f or ya?Selah

Twentieth Blog Entry

Happy Thanksgiving! You know something the enemy tried his best to make me feel sorrowful and ungrateful today but I overcame him. I just made a decision to fight.  I changed my thoughts and started to remember the positive things and look on the bright side of everything.   It was tough.  I tried to listen to music and the thoughts seemed to multiply. The enemy did not want to back down, but neither was I.  Needless to say, this was a mind battle.   I stayed strong and prayed and in peace as best I could and enjoyed my day.   I was able to listen to music again peacefully.  Despite the battle, it was truly a peaceful and pleasant thanksgiving.. Most of all, the enemy was defeated because I refused to back down from that giant (a big problem or issue). Do you know someone could look like they got everything under control, but their thoughtlife is being attscked by the enemy?  The enemy does not want them to maintain control over their own thoughtlife.  Selah

Twenty-First Blog Entry

Yay! Christmastime is here! Something is in the air. It must be the spirit of love and giving.  Do you know that Jesus is the reason for the season? God gave up his only son Jesus just for you and I. What a self-less sacrifice. Talk about an opportunity to give, this was the biggest giving I've ever seen.  You know, we all have an opportunity to give and you can give in many ways.  What if you gave to someone you've never given to before this Christmas? Selah

Twenty-Second Blog Entry

I don't know about you but I had such a good time  giving this Christmas.  It is so rewarding and fun! It was peaceful and fun. I realized that I don't have to be stressed about it: give what you can to who you can. It doesn't have to be someone you know either.  Start preparing for that day ahead of time especially if you are having guest over,  It will help relieve some of the stress.  Who says everythibg has to be started a week before Christmas? Selah

Twenty-Third Blog Entry

Happy New Year! It's going to be a beautiful and great year! You got to stay positive and believe this.  God is awesome and he wants us to receive and enjoy his blessings for us.  Write your goals out. Hang it up where you can see it.  Pray and ask God if these goals is his will for you and ask him to help you achieve them this year. Thank God for his help in advance.  Come on, don't be afraid to talk to God.  He's waiting for you to come to him, so what are you waiting for? Selah

Twenty-Fourth Blog Entry

Guess what? Check out the contest page of this website.  There's an opportunity to win a Amazon  Gift Card. Yay!!!

Twenty-Fifth Blog Entry

Hey! How's it going? I know you must be busy writing down all those goals that you plan to carry out.  Come on. Get a piece of paper, write it down.  Stick it on your refrigerator, in your room; anywhere that you will see often throughout the day, maybe your mirror. Just do it.  This is going to be the best year ever.  It's not going to happen if you are sitting on your .......  I bet your wondering what these dots mean.  Never mind that,  At least five things you want to accomplish, at least.  Uh, make sure it's the will of God okay.  If it's not, you're just wasting your  time and probably someone else's.   Ask God for help with your list.  Pray for him to reveal to you what it is he wants to do in this lifetime.  Don't be shy, ask him.  Well what did he say? Selah

Twenty-Sixth Blog Entry

Yay! It's Sunday night and I just got the news that some work places are temporarily closed due to the virus. I felt like Snoopy leaping and prancing around with a huge smile on my face and some laughter following.  I'll never forget that day.  Finally a break.  Well it's been two weeks of  glee and I'm still ecstatic about the break. Sure I'm unemployed, my income has been cut in half, and I'm confined to my home, but it's okay.  I still feel like I'm on a beautiful beach with pure, clean sand sitting on a cot with an umbrella and my feet up sipping my favorite drink,  Ahhh Life is good!​

Twenty-Seventh Blog Entry

Hey! I'm still ecstatic.  You know what's so great about this is getting to do some things that you didn't have time to do before.  I got my list hanged up of what I'd like to do while I'm at home so I don't forget.  You know we have to be careful not to fall into sluggishness and laziness.  This can be very easy when you're at home.  Do your best to fight this and keep that joy going.  One day we will be back to work so use this opportunity to  accomplish some things.  What a high! You are going to love crossing things off of your to-do list. So when do you plan to get started? Selah

Twenty-Eighth Blog Entry

So how is your day going? I'm enjoying this still and learning how to adjust to some things.  I'm doing my best to utilize this time to the fullest like the ants that prepare for the harvest.  This is no time to sit on your cans.  You've got to push yourself to perservere and GO FORWARD!  Sometimes we think there are to many obstacles in the way when there really aren't any.  You've just haven't taken that step or made a move. Well, what's stopping you now? NOTHING! Selah

Twenty-Ninth Blog Entry

What a beautiful day it is? I just got an awesome idea from God for this year and I am feeling good! It is a bit of work and costly and will take some time but you know what? I'm gonna go for it with no worry, besides if the idea is from God it can't go wrong.  Well what has God spoken to you to do? Have you started? Selah

Thirtieth  Blog Entry

How are the kids doing? Are you enjoying your time with them or your brothers and sisters? Aren't you just loving this quality time with them? You're probably saying , "Good now I can finally get things in order around here."  First things up, we are eating dinner at the table together. Second, we are taking turns with these chores around the house. Third, we are going to say our prayers for one another each day and night with thanksgiving.  Forth, we will make a family night with games once a week.  Fifth, no cell phones  during dinner and family night." Am I right? Is that what you'd say?   Selah

Thirty-First Blog Entry

So I see it's not just the virus we are dealing with. Racial tensions have surfaced some more. During these times, we got to believe that there is a victory at the end of all of this. That's right an END. You must keep this mindset. During these times, it's extremely important to keep your mind focused on things that are joyful, peaceful, on your family, on God, etc. The ultimate battle starts in the heart and mind, so don't ignore the word of God. Do your best to read it and pray every day. Concentration is what the enemy is after. He does not want you to stay steadfast in prayer and focused on God's word, but you and I know that it's what will sustain you during these times, Christian or nor. Selah

Thirty-Second Blog Entry

Hi Everyone! Truth is powerful. It helps get things resolved quick. Remember in a conflict to seek the truth first before blaming and losing. your temper. One black child and one white child were playing with some blocks together and started arguing. What do you think the argument was about? What was your first thought? Selah

Thirty-Third Entry

You know, no what the day looks, you have to decide that it's going to be a great day! You set your day! Get your confessions of faith together and  SPEAK! The mouth can be an awesome tool for victory. Use it. You are a  winner, aren't you? Of course you are. So come on, get up and get your pen and paper or phone and write it down. You will develop a habit that will affect you in such a positive and powerful day! Are you up for this challenge? Selah

Thirty-Four Entry

Press! I have to press! No, I'm not talking about ironing clothes. I'm talking about encouraging yourself and being able to encourage others around you or at a distance. it's so easy to fall into the sidelines where you just sit and dwell and think on things that you shouldn't. In moments like this, you got to know how to encourage yourself and pick yourself up. The enemy wants us to give up on life and live a life of worry, fear, negativity until we believe that nothing good can ever come out of any day and that's not how it supposed to be. We must make an effort to  treat one another kindly  and with respect. You never know what the person next to you may be going through. Will you make a commitment to encourage yourself some more when the worry, fear, depression, or negativity comes or will you just give into these things? Selah

Thirty-Fifth Entry

We made it! The Year 2020 is finally over.  I'm not going to tell you about the good time I had being unemployed, for some have loss some loved ones.  May your joy increase more and more each day. On the up side, there are great things in store for you in the year2021 if you remain humble and diligent. I sense some new beginnings.  It's restoration time! How many things do you want restored in your life? Uh, be careful to desire only the things God wants restored for you. Some things don't need to be restored. Selah

 Forty-Sixth Entry

Welcome to All! Happy Black History Month! A lot of things are happening this month to help you celebrate this month.  There is actually a contest going on at Check it out, you might be the one to win the $100 dollar gift card. There are many things that some people are curious about when it comes to the color of someone's skin, so I hope this month will be not so much informational but an encouragement to you. This month is to be enjoyed and perhaps a learning tool for some or both. We are in different times now.  Some people are married to a person that doesn't have the same skin color as themselves. Some of us have children that are not the same color as their parents. Some of us have relatives whose skin color is not the same as ours. Some of us have friends and co-workers whose skin color is not the same as ours. God has no problem with any of this. First, I hope you are on your second thing now from your list. We've got to keep going. and Good work. I am proud of you.  Remember, accuracy and efficiency. Secondly, Do you think black people or African-American people should be honored this month? Selah

Thirty-Sixth Entry

Hello everyone! Talk about obstacles. I sat down to try to write at least ten things I'd like to accomplish this week and BOOM! Distractions galore! I'm telling you when the enemy knows you have made a decision to focus on getting yourself together, he's like a train coming full steam ahead.  Well, guess what, I'm like a  charging bull or an arrow about to hit the bullseye. You know what that means? I'm not going to stop until I get that list finished. I am giving myself five days to do this. This year I've got to stay focused, like the ant storing food for the season ahead. Selah

Thirty-Seventh Entry

Okay, so my list is coming along.  I'm staying focused. I'm focusing on peace.  That's one of the things on my list: to be more peaceful, not to get so upset at things, to not let my emotions have control, to think good thoughts. If I can get my peace more together, I can hear God better. Let's face it, in the times we are in today, you need to be in peace with God. Hearing God will save me from making many mistakes and bring me many triumphs. I'm going to write down whatever he tells me and obey it. You know God wants what's best for me, it makes since for me to listen to what he says, right? Selah

Thirty-Eight Entry

Well my list is almost done and I am glad. I never realized how much I'd like to work on concerning myself and some things. I'm still getting myself together in terms of getting my peace in order. I've discovered that I need to work on what things needs to be prioritized in parts of my life. Peace is definitely one of the priorities, but there are many others. You must be saying, "Wait how can you have so many priorities and treat them all as important?" Well, you're right. There is always going to be an order of things wherever you go. So, I decided to incorporate this in my list also in order of importance. Now, the most important and first thing for me is God. How about you? Selah

 Thirty-Ninth Entry

Okay your list should be ready now.  Come on, we've got lots to do this year. Blessings are in the air. I can almost taste it! We've got to stay focused on the right things. Let's get started on that first thing on your list and keep it moving.  You can do it! I've got all sorts of things on my list like  self-improved things, things I've always wanted to do, projects I want to accomplish like the books I write and publish. This is exciting for me. I have been working like the ant storing food for the winter during this virus stuff and I can't wait to see the fruits of it. There's still more to do. You see, at the end of every season, there is a harvest. It could be profitable, semi-profitable, or unprofitable. Which one is yours going to be? Selah

 Fortieth Entry

Guess what? I already finished one of the things on my list. Okay, okay you got me. Yes, it was on last years list too. I just added it to this one and am now finished, part ne of it at least. How's your list going? Don't allow yourself to get distracted. Stay focused. It will pay off big and your integrity will increase. Be diligent and do it with joy. Once you check off one thing on that list, you are going to feel invincible. Your confidence is going to soar. What message do you think the ant who stores food for the winter was trying to relay? There's three messages. Selah

 Forty-First Entry

You know what? In my haste to finish the first thing on my list, I left something out. I have to remember not to rush right through the thing in order to get it done or at least check it fully when I am done. I have to do it quickly and efficiently. I can't just leave stuff out, not check for errors, rush through it just to say I've finished it, or not make sure the information is accurate (edible , truthful). Whatever that thing is,  needs to effect someone in a good way, not a negative one. Well, I went back to it and got it done right away and didn't wait until a week later to make the necessary changes. Sometimes we get in that procrastination mode from being fed up or overwhelmed and take our time getting back to something, but don't give up! Get up! You can do it! Finish that task! Now, what is it you got to do? Selah

 Forty-Second Entry

You said you want to prosper and for increase and abundance to hit your house. You even said that you have the favor of God on your life. Well, what kind of channels have you created that God can use to bless you? Check them thoroughly. It's prosperity time and the harvest is here. Selah

 Forty-Third Entry

Well, how's it going? Are you getting those channels ready for the manifestations of your blessings to come through? Your favor is going to be activated by your obedience to what the wisdom of God tells you to do. Pay attention to what the spirit of God is telling you. I have gotten many ideas from God. He gives us passions and an unction to help us follow what he needs us to do.  Write down what he tells you. It should already be on your list. Remember, stay peaceful. Get rid of the noise and clutter in your thinking. Think on positive things. I got the perfect remedy for you. Psalm 23. Selah

 Forty-Fourth Entry

I'm so excited! There are so many things that I have put on my list to do this year and I am committed to getting it done. I got a revelation.  I don't have to do this list one at a time, then it came to me, "Hey, let's do this for one hour and then the next one for one or two hours and then the next." So I did. Before I knew it, I had accomplished doing three things on the list with ease, no stress and it felt great! I am now working on these three things at the same time-but dividing the time that I engage in it and it is so refreshing. No stress, just ease. How are you handling your list? Selah

 Forty-Fifth Entry

I have got to manage my time better. I'm having such a struggle trying to get to bed on time. I love what I do so it makes it  a little hard to stop. I'm so tired right now because I stayed up late. Yes, I accomplished something big, but was it worth my rest? And what about my peace? Sure I finished it and I'm happy, but now I may have to fight off weariness and stress. I'd better think about this some more and shift some things around. When there is balance , there is peace, at least that's how it should be. If this doesn't get me to change in this area, the bags under my eyes will.  How's your balance going? Are you getting enough rest? Selah

 Forty-Sixth Entry

Now what was that about me getting my time together? Oh yeah, rest right. Uh, not going so well. I will not be too hard on myself but make it a point to try harder. I know I can conquer this thing. Anyway, that's what this month is all about - getting things in order this year and accomplishing and finishing the tasks on your list for this year . Remember, get at least one or two things accomplished by the end of this month.  We are going forward !You can do it! Selah

 Forty-Seventh Entry

Welcome to All! Happy Black History Month! A lot of things are happening this month to help you celebrate this month. There is actually a contest going on at Check it out, you might be the one to win the $100 dollar gift card. There are many things that some people are curious about when it comes to the color of someone's skin, so I hope this month will be not so much informational but an encouragement to you. This month is to be enjoyed and perhaps a learning tool for some or both. We are in different times now. Some people are married to a person that doesn't have the same skin color as themselves. Some of us have children that are not the same color as their parents. Some of us have relatives whose skin color is not the same as ours. Some of us have friends and co-workers whose skin color is not the same as ours. God has no problem with any of this. First, I hope you are on your second thing now from your list. We've got to keep going. and Good work. I am proud of you. Remember, accuracy and efficiency. Secondly, Do you think black people or African-American people should be honored this month? Selah

 Forty-Eighth Entry

Hi everyone! I have been thinking a lot about my dreams these days and all I'd like to accomplish. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to pursue it. Many years ago, due to the skin color, this was unheard of. Even people from different countries experience this also due to the laws of that country.  Some experienced this due to the fact that they were a woman and not a man.  Well, for this entry, I'd like to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr because he too had a dream. In those times, he pressed forward to pursue his dream in spite of all of the obstacles and great good came out of it. I believe it pleased God very much.  This inspires me to pursue my dreams in spite of. I think of what would've happened had he not pressed forward and pursued his dream.  He encouraged the people to love one another and handle affairs in peace and love,, not violence. I am very thankful that he did not let obstacles stop him from pursuing the dream. Are you letting any obstacles stop you from pressing forward? Selah

 Forty-Ninth Entry

Are all black people from Africa? I don't think so. There are people from different parts of the world who have a brown skinned complexion also. This month is about more than the history of black people. It is also about what we exemplify. Black people exemplify strength, hope, faith, peace, and love. Really? Yeah really. We do not all have the same character.   God gave us strength to endure, faith to hold onto through people like Rosa Parks, and peace, love, and hope through people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., hope for a better day each time we rise, for all people.  There is also hope that our children on earth for generations to come will love and respect each other as God loves and respects us. Thank You God for Rosa Parks who  followed the unction she received from the Holy Spirit to take a stand that brought a great change that encourages all to love and be fair to one another. Are there any situations in your life where you feel you may not be fair to someone? Selah

 Fiftieth Entry

Did you know that racism and discrimination is a learned behavior? It is  derived from the spirit of hate. God is love. Umm, why would anyone choose to hate than to love?  Well, there are several things that can persuade you to hate or do the wrong thing: for instance, someone may have suffered a hate crime in the past, or inflicted one, or forced to inflict one, or may have been treated badly by someone of a different skin color, or someone grew up in a household where they think this is the way to treat someone of a different color and maybe that person were taught it also, etc.  Someone may think there is a need for acceptance and a person might get involved in a group that had not changed their mindset in this area and though they don't fully agree, because of that need for acceptance, they comply. Sometimes it's our own insecurities that lead us to do the wrong thing.  Are you inhibited by any insecurities in you that might encourage you to practice a wrong learned behavior? Selah

 Fifty-First Entry

You know, one of the ways to learn about some of black history is music. Soul, gospel,  rap, rhythm and blues, and jazz music are types of music that some black people listen to.  Did you know that Kurtis Blow was the first black American to be signed to a major label in the music industry?  I personally, enjoy almost all types of music. Yes, even Christian contemporary and rock music. Some of you are surprised at this. Why? We can like different things, that's what makes us each special in our own way. That's cool to me and interesting. I've met people of a different shade that love rap music and some who can't stand the music from their own culture. So what. It's okay to like a different type of music. After all, it's about the music, the lyrics, the melody, the beat, not the color of someone's skin who might be listening to it, right? Selah

 Fifty-Second Entry

Happy Valentine's Day! It's amazing how much the smallest kind gesture can be an act of love. So, how's the list going? We are coming into the third month shortly. We should at least be on the third one or fourth one on the list depending on the length of your assignments. Remember, some things you can start at different times during the day. You know, spend one hour on something, two hours on the next. You can do it! I am working on another book, a project that can be lengthy. I have to say though, that I love it! This entry I'd like to honor Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American woman to publish a book. She paved the way for black people and for black women. My first children's' book will come out this month or next month and I will be publishing it myself. I am feeling very inspired these days as if a light in me is on. What are you inspired by that you have not been paying attention to? There's still time. Selah

 Fifty-Third Entry

Hey! How was your Valentine's Day? Even if you are currently single,  you can still get your mind off yourself and do a nice gesture for someone. Come on, it's not too late. It's only the day after.  President Barack Obama, how could I not honor him for this entry. Even though I may not agree with everything decision made, there were still some other areas where he made me proud. Oh, what a great day that was when he won!  He and his wife inspired me. He paved the way for Male African American people by becoming the 44th President of the United States of America. Sometimes people choose to weigh in on the negative aspects during his term and forget to focus more on the positive things he's done during his term. Why do you think that is? Selah

 Fifty-Forth Entry

Guess who this is?  He was born in 1791 in New York and was the first black man to obtain a patent for his dry-cleaning process called dry-scouring.   Give up?  It's Thomas Jennings. I found this to be very inspiring since  I am a entrepreneur myself. Patents are needed often when you create inventions. It helps protect your pockets and your idea. Be sure to get one for the invention that God put on your heart.  Okay, I have a challenge for you. Of course, it's  optional.  In honor of black history month, find at least one black-owned business and bless them by purchasing something from their business or maybe even a donation. Let your kindness be from the heart. Many thanks to you in advance for your consideration. Now,  has God laid any ideas on your heart that you did not patent? What do you think about this challenge? Is it hard for you?  Selah

 Fifty-Fifth Entry

I am hungry. Some baked macaroni and cheese, collard greens, black-eyed peas, fried chicken, a pork shoulder, buttermilk biscuits, and a slice of pie, preferably sweet potato sounds good right about now. These are all some examples of "Soul Food" which African-American people are known for cooking. It originated in the South during the mid 1900's or so.  It's one of the best things we look forward to at a cookout or barbecue or holiday get together. It helps and inspires families to come together and have a good time  and get to know one another and become a strong family.   Some people debate whether or not to continue eating soul food due to its unhealthy nature. However, you don't have to cook it unhealthily. You can add your touches to it in different ways and it could still taste good. Although the food is always delicious, I don't think it was meant for some of us to eat it everyday knowing it's health consequences. Do you? Selah

 Fifty-Sixth Entry

We're almost down to the end of black history month this year. I hope you got a chance to bless a black-owned business this month. I know they would gladly receive any act of kindness that goes towards their business. You know, I am so fortunate to have a foundation and a good understanding of how important it is to know the word of God and to attend the right church.  Even though everyone did not have a good experience at church, church is an important part of black history month because of the fortitude and wisdom and faith and endurance and love we learn and/or gain there.  It is the very thing that keeps some of us going today. The music and singing and rejoicing gave and still does give us hope.  The sermons reminded us that Jesus is the only way and that he is our hope. This entry I'd like to honor my Pastors from my church - Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar. I thank God for their church and all they do to keep us encouraged and not give up hope. They are truly what I needed to grow spiritually and I'm so grateful for that. You see, all churches are not the same. You need to pray about the right church to attend. Forgive. Selah   

 Fifty-Seventh Entry

Thank you for joining me this month. I appreciate the attention you've given to the topic this month. I hope you enjoyed it. We've discovered a  lot of things. The one thing I hope you gained from this is what Black History Month is all about and who we are . We exemplify strength, hope, faith, love, and victory.  We are a strong and victorious people.  We have the ability to triumph in bad situations. When we celebrate black history month, we celebrate all the things we've overcome. It's not just about the past history and triumphs, but about the future triumphs as well. Yes, we have a ways to go, but we've also  have come a very long way and  that's what we acknowledge in our celebrating. Don't ever forget that. So, keep it fun, positive, and age-appropriate, for next year, I know that black history month is going to be even better! Okay, what did you discover this month? Selah

 Fifty-Eighth Entry

 Have you ever felt like there is so much going on at one time and you're right there in the middle of it, hearing so much chaos and noise that you just can't get a handle on it ? In fact you could just scream? Well I think we all have. I have,  just today. Don't worry. It does not mean you are crazy. It may have been your way of letting some steam out of you.  Now I'm not suggesting this.  I'm simply telling you how my day has been going so far and it's only the morning. I guess I could turn this around. I mean people have reacted in worst ways.  Right? It's not too late to turn this day around. I'm not giving up hope. I am going forward in spite of...…..Besides, it's a new day and I'm determined to win today in all things I encounter! I'm going to reflect on some positive thoughts and be in peace. Confusion and chaos will not have it's way today with me. I must maintain self-control. and you too. Say it with me, "I will not blow up today". Remember to find the humor in everything today. Selah

 Fifty-Ninth Entry

 So, remember we talked about maintaining self-control? How's that working out for you? Some of you didn't even make it through the day. I screamed one more time around midday. I encountered a tough problem that felt like ten problems at once. I was beginning to think that I would never get any peace. Then a light bulb came on.   "Why don't you read the bible?" So I read a few chapters that I set aside to read each morning  and the peace started to set in a little and it came to me. The reason I was having so much trouble going through a problem with peace and confidence, is because I made a decision to stick to something beneficial to me that helps me maintain self-control. Anytime you make a decision to make a positive commitment that is good for you or any part of your life,  the enemy comes. Distraction big starts coming so you won't stick to your commitment which will make your life better and easier. Think about it. What positive things have you committed to doing concerning you that, as soon as you started,  you had much opposition?  Did distraction and confusion set in? Did you maintain self-control or use profanity and refuse to continue? Selah

 Sixtieth Entry

 Sometimes you think you are the only one having a problem at the time or the only one having a bad day. Well, that's not true.   Just yesterday, I was standing and waiting for the light to change  and some woman screamed out of no where.  She scared those walking by with her scream. Then later on that same day, I was shopping in a store and some woman was making piercing screams and she stood near a clothing rack, one scream after another. I didn't know if she was in mourning or what. The people started walking carefully away from her. I guess you never know what someone's going through.  Going through a difficult time can certainly test your self-control.  You have to be careful when you respond with your emotions, it determines what will take place next. How you choose to respond can spiral into a sea of strife, insanity, and in some instances violence.  So it makes since to get your emotions under control. One of the things you can do when these things happen is to stay in peace and not react at all; as difficult as that may sound, it's doable. When you are in peace you can hear what God is telling you to do next, so stay quiet before responding, it could save your life. Selah

 Sixty-First Entry

 What a day! I found myself wishing someone would change their ways. I got so mad at it that I almost blew a fuse, but I calmed down and reverted back to peace. As I pondered it, I started reminiscing about the things that someone has done before and rehearsed the whole thing in my thoughts. This got me no where but upset again. Well, at least I did not almost blow up while thinking about it. However, this is no good. I had to change my thoughts quick; so I calmed down again and decided to put on some inspiring music. The lyrics encouraged me and had a great beat. After all, the idea is to change those negative thoughts into positive ones and I did. I felt so much better. I even danced a little. I truly believe that music brings people joy: dancing and singing. It's so much fun! Set some of your favorite yet encouraging songs aside for yourself.  Dance and sing! This is a sure way to maintain some self-control and peace. So, what are the songs that inspire you ? Selah

 Sixty-Second Entry

 Talk about being patient. They say love is patient. Have you been patient? My patience level has almost reached its point.  Although the struggle yesterday lasted long, I was able to regain my concentration quicker than the other day.  Remember I said reading the word helps. Well, it helped me a great deal. I've been reading it more than before and my peace has increased. I've also been catching myself before those she-motions set-in and able to stay calmer before I respond. This is great! I'm on my way back to peaceful days again. Try reading Psalm 23 or a Proverbs chapter everyday. Just a suggestion. What? Do you think  you can't read it until you're born again? Do you think it won't change you? Selah

 Sixty-Third Entry

 Hey! The sun is shining today. I'm so excited. It's a new day and what a beautiful day it is! I just love it when the sunlight is bursting through my window. It gives me hope and makes me feel joyful. I'm feeling very positive despite distractions that try to take me off focus and cause my emotions to spiral out of control. I've decided to take charge of my day. Why not? It's my day.  Yeah, I can set my own day. I've got an agenda today to stay on track with what I need to do today and I'm going for it. No holds barred. I got things to do. Don't you? I'm not going to take this railroading any more. So far, I read, prayed, got dressed, ate and got some things done before noon today. It didn't quite go this way yesterday, but I decided I'm getting it right today. I've got to keep it moving. Time is wasting. You know when your emotions get out of control, it can be hard to recover and get back to peace and it takes up time and you discover, again, that all you've done is aided the enemy in getting upset, wasting time and possibly upsetting someone else in the process. So take it easy and accomplish something good today. By the way, how's that list you started at the beginning of the year going? Aren't you on three or four by now? Selah

 Sixty-Forth Entry

 You know, women have many roles in life. We are individuals, mothers, wives, bosses, employees, business owners, and helpers. Throughout all of this, we must maintain self-control. This cannot be achieved without peace. One of the things that can help is having an understanding spirit. Sometimes we are so quick to respond without fully understanding this situation or what the person may have meant. Not everyone knows how to express themselves. So when you understand one another by taking time to listen or ponder it before responding, you react better and your day is better. You are learning to keep your peace  more and more. Think about it. Doesn't not understanding the thing or knowing what to do about it irritate you? Selah

 Sixty-Fifth Entry

 Rest is important. Today I did my best to try to get some rest. It went okay except the concentration was not quite at the level I wanted it to be. At least I got to lay down a little.  Rest is very good for the body and mind. Sometimes you just need to be refreshed. You give your mind and body a break. You will be much calmer. The more well rested you are, the less crankier you'll be. I'll try this again another day. How about you? Selah

 Sixty-Sixth Entry

I am so happy. I got something big done in the midst of a lot of things going on. I had to press through big for the project I was on and already tired. You know what? I owe it all to that rest I had the other day. I believe it really increased my strength and gave me the drive I needed to persevere and get the job done. I am grateful for that rest and will cherish it more. Yeah, from now on I'm going to take this getting some rest more seriously and set aside some serious time for it, even if I could just get a nap in. After all, who can function efficiently when they are tired and almost mentally drained from having the cares of the day? Selah

 Sixty-Seventh Entry

I was going through a situation. You're probably saying, "again", but  this is just everyday life. You have your minor and your major things. Well, this one happened to be a major one I felt like I couldn't move or know what to do next, but sit there still. Then I started to go on like nothing happened at all. God gave me the strength to pray. I believe somebody was praying for me. I remembered to get  a scripture from the bible on the situation and I got on my knees and prayed.  I didn't think I could do it, but I did. Has anything like that ever happened to you? While praying, I had such an energy and confidence and my peace was restored. I believe that in these times ahead, we are going to be a praying people. Do you believe that prayer changes things? Selah

 Sixty-Eighth Entry

We are coming to the end of the month soon and I want to make sure that I address the importance of maintaining self-control. I didn't want to leave this out. Being still. Take time to sit down and be in peace with God. Listen. It should be so quiet during this time.  That means clutter should not be there in your mind. It should be peaceful and quiet. Reading the word of God with understanding can help you get rid of the clutter. Also, settling your issues peacefully and doing what God tells you to do will help you increase and maintain your peace. You being able to control your emotions and stay in peace is what's going to help you when serious troubles really come. Don't you think it is important to be able to handle the situation better as opposed to losing your temper and  things really escalating into terrible incidents? Selah

 Sixty-Ninth Entry

Boy did I have a day! The pressures were pouring on me so I could not stay peaceful and maintain self-control. Beware of lies. If you believe them, they could take you off the right track you're on and right into strife and confusion. The name of the game here is distraction.  The big "D". Think about it. You could be doing pretty okay until something happens. The source of it is usually some sort of lie or misunderstanding that takes place which leads to you believing lies. Yeah,  It's the big "D". I've had it with the big "D". Distraction woke me up out of a sound sleep. I take this very seriously. I usually sleep sweet but this was not long enough. We must not fall prey to lies. The only way to do that is to stay in truth.  Now, what is the best  and most important way to know and stay in truth? Selah

 Seventieth Entry

It's been quite a week. Today I had so much fun. I put on one song from my phone and loved it. I began to listen to another and another and another. I couldn't stop. I had such a great time singing and dancing to some music. Dancing is good for the soul and for any age. It is fun and  exercise, all rolled into one. I love to see all the joy people have when they are dancing. It truly brings you happiness and you can just dance the way you like, keep it clean of course, and enjoy yourself. You don't have to be a perfect dancer. Who cares? Just have fun. There is something so free about dancing. It's like an art you get to express. For homework, pick out your favorite song. It must be a song that makes you dance or sing or both and enjoy yourself! Come on, this will help you get your mind off some things on purpose. Selah

 Seventy-First Entry

Time to recap!  Let's see we learned to respond carefully without strife, reflect on positive things and not roll over the bad issue in our head and that distractions and  lies take away your peace. We also learned that reading the bible can help you stay in peace and remove the clutter from your mind. We  learned that rest is important,  to pray in times of trouble or before it comes,  to have an understanding spirit, watch your emotions, and that you can set your own day. Make a decision that you can control your emotions. Prepare your mindset from now. Selah

 Seventy-Second Entry

April showers bring may flowers. Have you ever heard that phrase? Well this April is going to be raining victory where your money matters are concerned. One aspect of money matters is your credit. This month we will tackling an area where some people struggle to take care of or just simply ignore it all together, which by the way should not be ignored. Your credit is important in this world, yes those plastic things, loans, mortgages, collection accounts, medical bills, etc. Some people are still struggling today to pay off  some things from years and years ago with interest and may be even some late fees, but never fear, we are going to tackle some things here together so get ready. the first thing we are going to do is say a prayer. Make it short and sweet just like Philippians 4:6 says. Then , get a  copy of your credit report.  Be sure to get one with the score. Look it over carefully and set a goal for yourself. The highest score is 850.. This is private and not a competition. Many things have taken place as to  why someone's credit is the way it is. We are not to judge, right? Selah

 Seventy-Third Entry

Okay, I hope you got a chance to look over your credit report. We are moving on to the next step which is to write a list of the errors on your report. Depending on the error, you can write a letter to the credit bureau and request to have the error fixed and taken off your credit report. Now write the amount you owe at the top of the page and your credit score at the bottom. Next to both numbers, write down the number you'd like it to be. Then put a line through the number you have today.  Now make up your faith confessions and write the down in the middle of that paper. You can start with, "My credit score is ? because I take time to review my credit report periodically." Just an example.  This is invigorating! Come on, we got work to do!  You can do it! Selah

 Seventy-Forth Entry

How are those confessions going?  Come on, we are believing in faith and changing the mindset here. Now, if there are no errors on your report. make a list of the credit and the amount you owe, the due date, monthly payment, phone number and email of company.  Email the company and inform them that you can only commit to paying a certain amount due to your change in finances. Keep track of your emails . Respond to their response. Let's do this by Monday 4/12. You got this! Do you believe you got this? Selah

 Seventy-Fifth Entry

Take this time to catch up. You have until Monday. You know discipline is so important in life. It helps you make right choices. When applying for credit, you must be sure to check things like interest rates, fees, payment facilities, etc.  You have to seriously consider this or you could make the wrong choice. The other thing you have to weigh is "Do I really need another credit card? Is this going to help me have a better credit report? Will I honestly use this often? Do I really need another monthly bill?"  Selah

 Seventy-Sixth Entry 

Keep saying your confessions of faith. They will build up your confidence where your credit is concerned. Good job getting your errors corrected! You should have received an email response by now. If you haven't, forward the same email response. Now, take a look at your collection accounts like loans, bankruptcies, etc.. Put a checkmark next to each one or make a list and tally up your monthly payments. Want a change? Contact each one by email. Suggest a lower, affordable amount and request late payment removal. Hey, you never know until you ask? Selah

 Seventy-Seventh Entry

Okay by Friday, you should have all your responses. This means the errors and the collections. Most places reply within 24-48 hours, so stay on top of this. Organize your papers if you haven't already done so. I have credit files in my file cabinet at home. If you don't have this , at least keep it in a special place. How about a mini-file drawer or container or box? Selah

 Seventy-Eighth Entry

Okay, I've given you a lot to do. By Monday, we must be on the same page. Let's recap: Have your designated files for each item on your credit report. Have all your responses for errors and the collections email. Make sure you print out the responses and place it in your files. Tally up your agreements for payment each month and make sure it is doable. Go over your confessions and revise it now that you have the agreements. One of your confessions should state exactly what you want it to be. This is what you are working towards. For example, My credit score is...….Selah

 Seventy-Ninth Entry

Now that we are on the same page, let's talk about credit usage. Credit cards are supposed to be an asset in terms of having a good credit history. It can help show lenders and investors that you are responsible with money.  They trust the credit report. Think about this the next time you are at the counter about to purchase something you don't need. Your credit history doesn't define who you are, but it is considered very important in life. Did you know that the less you use your credit card a month, the faster your credit score increases? Fast payments to your bill help a lot. Did you know that if the current available credit amount is low, it increases your score? Selah

 Eightieth Entry

It is a good idea to keep track of your credit score. Make it a mental habit. Some credit cards include your credit score on the bill. I personally, have a credit card that has an app which allows me to check my score regularly without an additional fee. This works well for me as opposed to obtaining one every week or month to monitor my credit score. Oh what a feeling when you see that score increase!  It's such a powerful feelin to be able to know that you are in control of your credit score. On the app I use, I can also see what caused the score to fluctuate.  Isn't that great? Knowledge is power, don't you think? Selah

 Eighty-First Entry

Okay we are doing good. We've checked the errors and the collections accounts. Now, check the closed accounts on your credit report. Which ones are closed AND have a negative impact  on your account. Get those off your report. You know how to. Email them and wait for the response. Remember to file everything in that awesome file cabinet or file bin you bought. We are pressing for an increase in our credit score. Right? Selah

 Eighty-Second Entry

Remember to always be thankful for where you're already at and for what you have. Be happy for what others have or what happens good to them. It can come back to you also in a good way.  A good attitude always makes things better.  Now, check everything and make sure your papers are in order and that you obtained all your email responses and your monthly payments are revised and in order. From now you will be doing this on your own the right way. Stay organized. We are almost at our last day here. On Wednesday or Thursday,  you can check your credit score and see if there is an increase.  Guess what,  you remember that app I use to check my score? Well they sent me a message that my score went up thirty-eight points! Selah

 Eighty-Third Entry

Thank you so much for joining me this month.  I enjoyed talking to you about increasing your credit score. Don't forget to keep practicing what you learned. You've done a good job and I am proud of you.  Stay positive and optimistic. If your score has not increased right away, keep practicing those things and do it again. It's going to change so don't give up hope. See you soon. Selah

 Eighty-Forth Entry

Hi! I can just hear the sound of Yay! ringing in my ears from all of the good things happening with your credit reports. I am so happy you gained some victory there.  A special day is coming up. That's  right you guessed it - Mother's Day! So get ready. If you're not a mom yet, maybe you will be one day or you know of one. Of course you do. Surprise someone and do something sweet and special. Will this hurt you to do something nice? Even the cashier at the supermarket is a mom. Selah.

 Eighty-Fifth Entry

Mothers are special. Keep in mind that when I say mothers this month it means all kinds of mothers and guardians. There are also stepmothers, grandmothers, God-mothers, guardians, same sex mothers, foster mothers, mother- in- laws, moms from Mother Board at church, Den moms, TV moms, mothers-to- be, etc. Being a mom is such an important role to play. You are a nurturer, care-giver, educator, giver, doctor, lawyer, protector, house-cleaner, cook, assistant, etc. Some of you even have spousal responsibilities and others are playing the role of two parents if one is absent.  In any case, it is a respected role and deserves honor always. God expects for moms on this earth to be all he needs them to be. He expects them to train their child the right way. He expect moms to be an example for their own child. He expects them to teach them about who he is.  Tell them what good things God has done for you. It's not too late. Selah

 Eighty-Sixth Entry

So, did you get the gift yet? Giving is an act of love. When you give, it comes back to you. Make sure the gift comes from your heart. It does not have to be expensive. Even a nice gesture for that day will be appreciated I hope. Mothers give all the time. They sacrifice much for their children. A little something is the least we can do right? Selah

 Eighty-Seventh Entry

One of the great things about mothers is that they always have your back. Now remember, when I say mothers whom I'm referring to. i remember when I was young and had a problem with a teacher. My mom was ready to throw down. She had to be held back. She was so angry at what the teacher did to me. Now when you're  a child, you are afraid at what might happen next, but when you get older, you look back and are grateful that someone stood up for you. I realize the great strength and fight that she has and still does. I know that is where I get some of my strength and  fight from. You know, the reason to go on when things seem tough. Thank God for my mom who is strong and mighty in a way that reminds me that I can make it even if people are unfair to you sometimes. Surely someone has stood up for you before, haven't they? Selah 

 Eighty-Eighth Entry

Hi! Did you enjoy your Mother's Day weekend? I did. I usually like to try a new restaurant to ear at. This year I tried Mexican food and it was not expensive  I finally discovered that it's not the expensive meals, clothes, and food that counts.  It's really the fact that you take time out to spend time with that someone who is a Mother to you, so remember this next year.  Don't you want memories that you can share later with your own children? These kinds of memories are priceless.  It's another thing to add to the list that brings you joy! God knows we need more of that in our hearts today. Don't forget to capture moments in life. Selah

 Eighty-Ninth Entry

Giving is an act of love. it's a quality that my mom has. She gives with no problem. My grandmother had the same quality. She would give all the time without a second thought. I have become a lover of giving. It gives you such a good feeling. More importantly, the receiver of the giving expresses gratitude most of the time in a pleasant and rewarding way. Giving can bring a smile to someone's face who has nothing to smile about. Have you ever given a gift to someone whose never been giving anything? Selah

 Ninetieth Entry

Moms are special and so sacrificial. They give of themselves all the time. Time? Funny you should mention that. Remember that hockey game they took you to or that cake they cooked for your school bake sale or that favorite meal they had prepared for you when you come home? My mom used to have something baked and ready for my sister and I when we came home from school all the time. Moms are great! Notice all of these things are not about them. That's right! Giving is always about the receiver of it. Hello in there! It's not about you. Selah

 Ninety-First Entry

Mothers are such educators. They are like built in teachers. I remember when I was young and just starting kindergarten. The teachers were so pleased with my mom for teaching me all the basics before  I entered school. I knew my address and phone number, the alphabet, numbers, etc Moms are special this way. Teaching your child is such an important investment. Your child will never forget that you took time out to teach them some things so they can have a good start in school, Children always want to know that you care, so make the effort always and pass this awesome habit onto your grandchildren as well. Who knows, maybe they will do the same with their own children. Selah

 Ninety-Second Entry

Mothers have a self-less love, an innate ability to love. Part of them taking care of you is love. It's like a second nature. Some of us haven't had the pleasure of having a mom that cares. Be grateful for the one you have that takes care of everyday and helped you mature into the good person that you are today. Pass this onto your children. Be the example of love for them to see daily by your actions. Don't forget. It is a quality that could one day save their life. Selah

 Ninety-Third Entry

Mothers are awesome. It is the first real relationship or bond you begin when you are born.  It is the first experience you have with love, even if they didn't treat you good throughout your life so far. It is a love that is unconditional for that moment. Well, I have to say for the moment because some have not continued this kind of love with their own children. They, for whatever reason, changed. Some are not as fortunate as you may have been to experience that kind of unconditional love, but I know how they can, even as an adult? One word - JESUS. Selah

 Ninety-Forth Entry

Many are built -in planners. A big part of their role is being an organizer and they are graced to do it. Think about it. They schedule time to call you, make your meals, help you with homework, accompany you in activities,  take care of your Dad and siblings, attend church, clean the house, and still have time for you. How do they know to do these things? It is what they've learned from Mother's past, but first and foremost- GOD. Mothers are truly special, gifted, and graced to be the mom God needs them to be. It's in you already, right? Selah

 Ninety-Fifth Entry

Mothers are like psychologist sometimes. They give advice that you ask for and advice that you don't ask for and all for your good. Sometimes it's for their own good and not the child. This is where conflicts begin. Always give the advice that is best for the child.  Pray. Ask God for help. He will share with you what talents your child has and what is their purpose in life. He has all the right answers. Selah

 Ninety-Six Entry

It says in Proverbs 31 how a woman is expected to be. Did you know that? This woman is supposed to be like a superwoman, doing all of these things and more. This woman is ready for anything that comes. She prays daily for the family, takes care of the household duties, takes care of her husband who is successful, takes care of her children and sews clothes. Wow! She can do it all in God's strength. God has graced her to be this way.  She even knows how to address certain situations verbally. Do you remember your mom being this way?Are you this way?  Selah

 Ninety-Seventh Entry

I hope you realized how special it is to carry the role as a mother, especially in today's world. The skills it takes and requires to be one is on the inside of us. It can be achieved if you desire to achieve it. Mothers are the backbone of some of the great achievers all over the world today, so don't take them for granted and always treat them with respect. Now, are Dads this important? Selah

 Ninety-Eighth Entry

Countdown! Yay, it's a countdown to Father's Day! That's right! Get excited because Father's are special too. No matter if yours were good or bad, dead or alive, absent or non-absent in your life, God meant for the role of the Father to be a mighty one. Though it is not an easy role, it can be accomplished. The man is expected to be the head of the household and the wife. This does not mean domination or control. It means they both submit to how God wants them to treat each other - with love and respect, just like how God treats you. The Dad is expected to care for the child, provide for the child, love the child, and spend time with the child. Most of all, be an example for the wife and child. The man is expected to be leaders and providers. God provides. Your relationship with God is so important in your role as a Father on this earth. Some have skipped this part of the task. Have you? Selah

 Ninety-Ninth Entry

Okay, before I forget, let's get those gifts ready for Father's Day! Having a relationship with God to assist you with your role as a Father starts with becoming born-again. Your local church can help you with that. You can even call the phone number on the TV screen if you choose to watch a sermon. Sometimes they say it at the end of the show and you can repeat after them if you want.  It's your choice, no forcing involved. Anyway, this will get you started. Until you've made that decision, hopefully you have a good example of what one is. Start a list of what kind of Father you'd like to be even if you are already a Father, no matter how old they are. Selah

 One Hundredth Entry

You know, the Father of the house is responsible for much. They are even expected to teach their children about Jesus. Many people don't know that the bible instructs this. Teaching one's family how to pray is a great asset that they will have for life. This will help you and them develop their relationship with God and each other.  Just doing these two things will give them a  big head start in life. If you think otherwise, take a look at the times we are in now. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and One

One of the best things you can do as a Father is to communicate with your child. They'll never forget how you took time out just to talk to them and share things with then. Try to create a relationship where they can come talk to you about anything.  Don't just give them commands, but listen and discuss things with them. It goes a long way and you will not regret it.  My step-dad who I call Dad, used to ask me all the time as soon as I came home how was my day and so I learned to do it with my child as well.  Understand? It's important for a child. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Two

Communicating with your child is a sign that you love them. It could be a type of love language between you and your child.  Your child might like to read with you, go out with you once and a while,  play dominoes every Sunday, or you cooking their favorite meal. It doesn't always have to be something to do, but make sure you at least are aware of what it is that communicates to them that you love them.  It is a source of encouragement for them. Showing affection could be one of them, like a hug, a pound, or a peck on the cheek.  There'is nothing wrong with a man showing his child affection God's way, not an immoral way. Right? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Three

How's the gift shopping going? You got one more week until Father's Day! Pick out something they like or do a nice gesture for them. Show up with dinner or dessert. Just have fun and it doesn't even have to be the whole day. You can even face time them to talk and laugh together. Send them a special card, maybe even a letter in it. Come on, there's no time to waste and no time like the present. Think of something that will bring a smile to their face. Remember, people don't think Father's Day is as important as Mother's Day. The only way that is going to change, is if we change it. What ideas have you come up with yet? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Four

Do you think holding hands with your son is too affectionate? Well, I would say it depends on the age of your son. I think the important thing here is not to lose sight of the fact that you are molding and shaping them. They need guidance, lots of it at a young age. You don't want to teach them to be feminine.  As a parent, you'd have to discern this, you know, when to. If there is danger ahead or a big crowd, I'd probably hold his hand. What do you think about that? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Five

Discipline is a part of life. On one hand you want to please your child by giving them what they want. On the other hand, you don't think it's the right time to give them what they are asking for. Well, you have to realize that you cannot please them all the time. If you do, they will be spoiled and not learn the true value of things.  They will think they  can get everything the easy way. They will not want to obey rules. It's so important to know how to follow rules in this world. You do want to teach them obedience and respect, don't you? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Six

Happy Father's Day! I do hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. If you didn't"t get the chance to celebrate with your loved one or give them a call, it's not too late. Even, my gift is on the way for my own. If you have little ones, teach them how to give. Take them out shopping for them and fot grandpa. You are teaching them the gift of giving and thanksgiving. Your parents may not have been all you wanted, but they did one good thing right. You're alive right? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Seven

As a Father, it is a great idea to teach your child to have a relationship with God. Take them to church. If they are young, stop giving them a choice. Let them see you lift your hands to the Father God and put in your tithes. Let them see you getting dressed for church like it's a big deal. Let them see the discipline in you to attend church. Let them see you reading the bible at home and saying your prayers.  Let them see you thankful for God. This will stay with them forever and you won't regret it. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Eight

You know, as a Dad, you've got to teach your son how to groom.  They learn from your example. Let them see you shave and wash your face, do your hair,  brush your teeth, clip your toenails, etc. Definitely let them see you wash your hands after you've gone to the bathroom.  It's hygiene ok! We've got to keep it sanitary.  One day they will get married and live on their own. Would you want to live with someone who doesn't want to care of themselves physically? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Nine

Did your Dad ever teach you how to fight? I mean a real fist-fight. Although I don't condone violence, it is good to know how to defend yourself.   However, you must also teach them how to win fights spiritually. Again, it starts by becoming born again and using your weapons of warfare which is the scriptures in the bible to help you win your battles. Some people don't know this. It is also good to teach them how to deal with life issues by doing simple things like teaching them patience, how to hold their temper, not having to have the last word, honor, how to avoid altercations,  how to come to you for help in times of trouble, respect others, etc. These things and more are a great asset for them in life. When life deals you a raw deal, how would one cope with it? Those little things they learn from you is probably what they are going to remember. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Ten

So we have made it to the end of this month and have learned much.  I think the most important thing for a Dad to teach their child is how to love.  There is so much to learn about love, about loving others and about loving  yourselves.   What do you think? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Eleven

Happy fourth of July! It is Independence Day! This is the day that America gained its independence from Great Britain. This meant  nothing to me until I found out the reason behind it all. I like to understand the meaning behind the celebrating for holidays. The reason they fought for independence was because they didn't have religious freedom in Great Britain at the time. Isn't that ironic? America fought so we could have religious freedom today and this is one of the topics in our governments today. Simply ironic. Are you celebrating July 4th day? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twelve

Did you know that the first bible college in the U.S. is now called Nyack College? It was founded in 1883 by Christians. I am so glad it was actually founded by Christians. There are some things in our world that are not founded by the right things and as a result, have started off in the wrong direction. The foundation of anything should always be the way God wants it to be. Now, you may not be Christian and that's your choice, but whatever you do or start makes a difference in this world and affects others. Is the foundation of the thing one that will create a positive, beneficial, impact for everyone? Is it based on selfish motives?  Is it going to create havoc down the road? Is it going to increase crime in this world? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirteen

Did you know that these companies are Christian-based (Chik-fil-A, Curves Gym, Forever 21, & Walmart)? These are some great ideas . I wonder how they came up with that idea.  God is able to give you a money-making idea you know. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Fourteen

You know a  lot of people don't know that George Washington was the first president of the U..S. and he was a Christian.  I thought this was interesting. The first president of the U.S., the one who started first was a Christian. I believe God was trying to speak to us when he became President back then. Many things at the time were happening that shouldn't have been happening in the world. What do you think God was trying to speak to us about through George Washington? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Fifteen

Who would've thought that Christians would have awards ceremonies for their music? The first Christian awards ceremony for music was the GMA (Gospel Music Association) awards. This is such a great opportunity for those who write  and sing christian music.  Music is a very important part of  one's relationship with God and music simply has a way of bringing joy to one's soul. The right lyrics will edify you or comfort you in ways you may not have heard before.  I am grateful that some are honored with trophies for the songs that they write or sing, even though it's not about the trophy, right? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Sixteen

What was the first sermon you ever heard ? Have you ever heard a sermon from a Pastor before? Some of them stay up all night for nights just to put together an encouraging word for you and me.  The first sermon ever preached must've been about something worth listening to or it would not have started a trend that draws people to church. People need encouragement you know, in this world we live in, especially today. God speaks to Pastors and sends messages through them sometimes that will edify us and help us become knowledgeable or understand who God is. Sometimes I hear a sermon and t's like the very thing that I might be facing at the time. Isn't that something? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Seventeen

Thank God for religious freedom. God is like my best friend. He brings me joy and hope. Having the right to attend church and things related to it is something we need on this earth. Church gives many people hope. It helps you spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. Some people don't get out all week, but will come out of the house for church. Hearing the word spoken and explained aids you mentally and prepares you for that work week ahead of you.  Going to church helps you to be a better person in life. You can make new friends there also that are very supportive. I am glad I get the chance to do these things an hear from those who hear from God until I am able to hear from him myself. Did you know that God wants your undivided attention? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Eighteen

You know, there are a different types of authorities on this earth. There are  your parents, your boss, the police, the government officials, authorities of different institutions, and authorities in your own self-employed business.  In your church, there are also authorities figures such as the Pastor,  the assistant Pastors and Ministers, the leaders, etc. God is the one and only, ultimate authority on this earth.  His word makes it clear about the penalties of disobeying some of the rules implemented on this earth. There is an order on this earth that must be adhered to. That means we each must do our part. Have you ever thought about what would happen or what it would be like, if there were not any authority figures or rules in place? Do you really want to know?  Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Nineteen

Did you know that as Christians we are all called to pray? The bible even says to pray without ceasing. Now of course, God is not saying that before and right after each activity of the day to pray, but he is saying to be mindful of the times when you should pray in addition to your pray routine already, which is probably twice a day when you wake up and when you go to sleep. There are times when you may arise during the day or night, God says pray. Can you think of a time when you needed to pray for yourself other than when you wake up or when you go to sleep at night? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty

Do you you believe that God can bring two people together by faith? If you believe God for a spouse, will he come through? Well, I think it depends on your faith. Just ask some married couples who have prayed to God and stood on the word of God with faith, not fear. I said faith, not fear or anxiety. Worry means you are thinking about it all the time and exalting this in your thought life and partly in disbelief that it will not come to pass. I hear they have something called "Christian Mingle" which is supposed to be for Christians who are single seeking a mate. I don't know about this yet. I'll have to pray on this first. What about you? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-One

Some people think that the role of a Christian is the same as it's always been and some people think it is different now. I think it's the same. It's always been to walk in the spirit daily and carry the whole armor of God on you daily and to love and respect your neighbor. It's always been to meditate on the word of God day and night and to pray everyday for yourself, family, and others. It's always been to share the gospel with others or invite them to church or to ask them if they know and want to get to know Jesus without badgering or force. These are all things we've always had to do as Christians. Now if you are a Christian, ask yourself, am I doing this? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Two

You know what I like to do when things aren't quite going the  way I had planned , I  do the things I like to. You have to know how to keep your joy up and stir yourself up. As a Christian, you have to know how to encourage yourself in the Lord.  Praying, confessing the word of God, praising and worshipping God by dancing and singing to him, enjoying one on one time in his presence, etc. are some of the things that Christians do. I like to read the bible. Yes that brings me joy. I also like to sing, dance, watch a good movie, write, play board games or card  games, create things, arts & crafts, sports, gym sometimes, etc. There are so many things to do, but remember to do the spiritual thing first.  When things are bad or seem dark or not going your way, you've got to know what to do. Like I said, do the spiritual thing first and then go enjoy yourself and cast your care on God. You'll be surprised at the outcome. Do you know how to encourage yourself in the times of trouble? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Three

Well, I hope you enjoyed this month. We started out touching on some things in Christian history and ended up talking about almost all things Christian. I sincerely hope that you were enlightened. After all, knowledge is power. Right?

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Four

You know, in Canada today, the civic workers are enjoying a day off from work. It's called a Civic Day. I guess this is a good  idea and it gives them a chance to catch up with some things such as their community.  I remember growing up in my old neighborhood. I was around so much stuff that was not productive for me. Things are a little better now. I  notice that there is more of an effort put into the neighborhood or community you live in which is a great and positive thing. What are some of the things that you think make up a good community? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth

Hi everyone! How's your list going? You kow, the one we started in January. What are you up to on your list? You should have at least completed five things. It's August already. Yes, some things take longer than others, but let's get moving. Pull out that list and start marking off the things you've completed, revise it if you have to for what you can accomplish this year.  Speaking of list , this is the first thing I think one could do to help make a community better. Form a community and get together and choose a President and so forth, kind of like a P.T.A. meeting at school and let each one make a list of what changes they would like to see in the community they live in . Collect the list and.....Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Six

Okay, now that you've read the list, decide which ones you are going to cross off due to repetitiveness. Choose a time to meet with everyone to discuss each concern. Outline this before you conduct the meeting. Pray at home about this. God will give you some awesome insight on this. Acknowledge him about this throughout this entire task. Remember,  God has all the answers.  Write down what God tells you. Pray for the right people for the meeting to be involved and for the entire process. You need people who don't have bad motives and hidden agendas, right? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

Now that you've chosen the right people and the picked out a President  and other elected participants, and collected the list of problems from the group, prioritize your list. List the problems from the greatest problem being number one to the least problem. Take a vote to find out what is the most important topic. The President makes the final decision. This is why choosing the right participants is so important. You don't want major stuff voted at the bottom of the list.  Some people think selling cupcakes in the neighborhood is more important than crime prevention. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Eight

Hi! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Organization is the key.  Make sure you take time to set up all the rules and regulations for the meetings. The do's and don'ts for them to follow. This will minimize debates and dismiss some wrong comments. You will need to be on board with the current regulations for your community. Surely the secretary and vice president can assist you with some of these things, so make sure you allocate these projects accordingly. You are the one who has to be on top of the situations concerning the meetings. If anyone lacks wisdom, God says to ask him for it. Have you asked? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Twenty-Nine

Ok, it's time to discuss the order of things. You need to know how  to respond to situations where you have to get the police involved. This requires great trust and discretion.  All of the members have to be responsible adults who take the tasks seriously and are willing to file reports if necessary. Hopefully this will not happen, but you need to be prepared if it does. Can you trust your selected participants? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty

It never hurts to be organized and efficient. For instance, make sure you have agreed upon any monetary dues that might make up for coffee, tea and snacks for certain meetings. You may even use the funds for signs in the community or lights for street corner or additional stops signs or whistles, etc. These are just examples.  Some of this stuff can be obtained by petitioning certain offices that serve the community without paying a fee. Check it out. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-One

Be sure to maintain a list of contact numbers forssu your group. Important phone numbers and email addresses to the right facilities as well as members should be kept in a file, journal, or folder for easy access during meetings. Yes, you can put it in your phone also. Just make sure that this list is updated often and efficiently. In case of emergencies and incidents, you will need to reach the appropriate person quickly. Hopefully, you will never need to dial those numbers.  After all, you are all praying at the beginning of each meeting, aren't you? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Two

Ok, now that we've covered all the bases, let's get down to some of those issues. Pull out your list and decide on the first issue of importance that you want to deal with in your neighborhood. Be mindful of the time frame when it comes to orders of importance. Some of those issues have deadlines in terms of getting it handled.  Remember efficiency.  If the first issue is more important than the one with the deadline, you may have to designate two on the issues to tackle at the same time, but still yet as a group. This means don't leave them out. You all need to be on the same page in case someone is sick or have an emergency, etc. Now let's get down to business. Is your first issue about crime in the neighborhood?Discuss what changes can make it better.  Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Three

If crime is at the top of your list. You are probably at a good start. This is usually the primary reason why some neighborhoods start these type of groups for the community. Make sure you discern the matter. Can you resolve the issue without going to the police or just letting the group take care of it? This is important. Some things need to be kept a record of by police even though the issue may be minor.  How severe is it? Are you thinking about doing a neighborhood watch schedule? Are the police on board with the watch? Invite one of them to the meeting to discuss some things to look out for in the neighborhood and how to respond.  Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Four

Hopefully, some of you attend church in the neighborhood area. Talk to the Pastor or the delegated person to speak to there.  Let them in on what you are doing. Ask them if they can keep your group on there prayer list.  Who knows? They might even be able to share something with you that may help.  If the church you attend is outside your neighborhood, request a prayer for your group of guidance or everyone within the group can do it together. You are fooling yourself if you think you can do this without God. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Five

Don't forget to talk about the little things also that could help the community.  Speed bumps or broken street lights or extra street lights and signs is something you might want to look into. Make a list of all these things. It could help prevent a lot of accidents. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Six

You never know when you might need to step up in your neighborhood and initiate, actually start one of these meetings. It's been great talking to you about it. Last but not least, because there are other things that can be put on the list, how about disasters? Is your neighborhood prepared for a sudden flood, food shortage, or earthquake, etc. ? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Seven

Last month we touched  slightly on disasters. A disaster is nothing good.  It is calamity, ruin, destruction, sudden loss, damage, failure, misfortune, or shortage. This month we are going to go into more detail on disasters and a few things we can prepare for. The first thing i can tell you is to pray. Haiti and Afghanistan are facing some challenges at this present day in some areas. Do you know what those challenges are? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Eight

With all the things that are going on today, it is so important to pay attention to the newsflashes at the bottom of your screen. Make sure you always have a TV channel , a radio, phone, or some electronic device that can keep you abreast of the current events in case of emergencies and disasters. These warnings can help save lives. Just look at the Amber Alerts that come on your phone. That alerts you that someone, somewhere needs help right away. When you get those messages on your phone, do you say a quick prayer? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Wow! It's been almost two years now with this current virus. We experienced a health outbreak and are now making our way from this on earth. Whenever there is a health outbreak, many concerns arise. It is so important to have a list of phone numbers on your refrigerator or some other important, accessible place at your reach and on your phone. Make sure it is legible. What if you need medication? Do you have access to a supply quickly? Have you found out what to do if you cannot leave the house to get your medication? What is your plan B? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Forty

I can't believe how many hurricanes and floods have been happening all over the earth. There's even been some wildfires that  have dragged on for weeks. It's amazing to me how long those wildfires last. I often wonder if one has the proper supplies in place ahead of time for these kind of disasters. You should always keep a list of supplies you might need in the house like flashlights, batteries, candles, matches,  etc. It may be a good ideas to check on your inventory every now and then for refills. How's your current inventory going? Is your first aid kit full? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Forty-One

All the wildfires that have been going on made some things cross my mind. I wonder if these wildfires have reached any of the houses in the area or churches or stores or other facilities.  I mean a wildfire is not something you face everyday.  What about all the smoke and pollution of the air due to the wildfire?  Have you thought about what you'd do in case there is a wildfire or even a regular fire in your neighborhood besides pray first?  Where would you go for shelter? What if the house on fire is next door to yours? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Forty-Two

Recently, there was a hurricane in Haiti and there's  talk of another somewhere else. The hurricane had devastating effects. Some people did not survive it.  Having no food or clothes or shelter or knowing someone passed away during tumultuous weather can leave you with a feeling of sadness and despair. One might feel like there is no hope but there is always hope in Jesus.  He is a friend like no other.  People need consolation when things like this happen. Children might be in shock or scared. Have you thought about how you could be a help to someone in your own family and yourself? How would you keep yourself strengthened during that time? Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Forty-Three

Emergency Fund! What's an emergency fund? An emergency fund is money that you set aside in case of a bad time or thing that might happen such as a flood, hurricane, food shortage, fire, blackout, etc. Those monies are solely for the purpose of providing for you effectively during these times. Most people keep a extra account at their bank for these purposes, especially if they have kids. Selah

 Entry One Hundred and Forty-Four

You never know when things are going to happen. Sometimes it's good to think ahead.  It's almost like going on a vacation. If you have small children,  would you have enough clothes, diapers, blankets,  or bottles for them.  if you have elderly parents, would you have all their essentials that they use daily, especially medication?  Would you have a source of entertainment for both? Think about it. It sure beats listening to the whining and complaining from them during those times. Selah